Optimized Headache Diary Reports

Overview of iHeadache MD > Headache Diary Reports

Headache Diary Reports are designed to create text documentation that one would typically include in patient’s chart . You can configure your reports to show only the data that you want to see. Depending on your preferences, the report can include:

  • Data broken by various time periods (monthly, weekly, 28 day or 30 day time periods)
  • Number of headaches
  • Headache types classified by modified I.H.S. criteria (migraine, probable migraine, and tension headache)
  • Acute medication usage
  • Preventative medication usage including preventatives that were started or stopped during the time period
  • Amount of time the patient is completely disabled and partially disabled
  • A real time disability score using the questions from the Migraine Disability Assessment Scale® (MIDAS)
  • Headache trigger tracking (both with and without head pain)
  • And additional notes the patient makes about their headaches

Click here to view a sample report.


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  • DocumentationImprove Your Documentation

    Insurance payers are wanting detailed documentation before they will approve procedures and medications. iHeadache MD makes it easy for you to generate data to justify costs.

  • optimize careOptimize Patient Care

    iHeadache's report & dashboard make it easy for you to see which acute and preventative treatments are working and which aren't; so that you can individually customize the patient's treatment plan.

  • save timeSave Time

    Reports from iHeadache give you a snapshot of the patient's disability, medication usage, treatment effectiveness and pain. This gives you more time to talk with the patient or see additional patients.